Lead Generation Services in Los Angeles

In Digital Marketing, lead generation services are a set of processes and skills that, through a tailored strategic approach, targets potential customers for any given business, drives said customers through a sales funnel and converts those prospects into paying customers.

Lead Generation is often a B2B Marketing practice however, with current online marketing rules set by major platforms, lead generation has become a marketing effort for any type of business.

Regardless of what you sell or what industry your business operates in, client acquisition can be a real pain.

Things like audience size, product or service characteristics, marketing budget and missinformation can really impact the outcome of any given campaign.

Other things like search algorithm changes, social media policy updates and many other factors can not only affect your current campaign to a critical point, this changes can remove your business from visibility alltogether.

Even in the best case scenario, you’ll find yourself working around Google’s algorithm and Facebook’s policies by constantly changing your strategy or directing your efforts towards different goals.

How can Lead Generation Services help my business?

Having a Marketing team that develops a natural and organic approach to traffic generation, lead nurturing and conversion optimization means that your potential customers will go through a tailored, easy and effective sales funnel.

Every business has a sales funnel but very few businesses constantly measure and improve their sales funnel.

The easiest and cheapest way to measure your sales funnel and lead generation success is by using digital tools.

Even if you think that your business can’t sell online, you can still take advantage of digital tools to generate leads. This ofcourse with the added benefit of measuring your efforts but by actually automating some or most of it, if not all of it.

Lead Generation is all about generating new clients, and if you can automate that process you don’t have to sell again, just sit back, relax and wait for the money to pour in.

Sounds to good to be true?

Here are some reasons to consider lead generation services


Lets imagine a business owners that acquire clients in three different ways

  • Attending Networking Events
  • Mouth-to-mouth recommendation
  • Cold Contact (Call/Email/Visit)

Sure, you can always measure how many clients networking events has provided so far, divide the number of events attended and the amount of clients from this source you’ve got so far and you got a conversion rate.

M-2-M is a little tougher to measure since you can only rely on the client telling you that came by recommendation and you keeping track of it, but there’s no actual proof of who came from whom.

Same thing with cold contacting as networking events, you can always measure and calculate in a spreadsheet how many business this effort has brought.

Well, when you use digital tools, tracking and measuring is as simple as putting a snippet of code in each page to know exactly who came into your funnel, where did they drop off, how long they stayed in your page among many other powerful insights automatically.


For small businesses that don’t want to risk much budget when finding the ideal process and traffic source for lead generation services, campaign typically start small.

Smaller budget to test different strategies, audiences and content until one proves to be better than the other.

Once you have a strategy that works with your business you can start increasing your marketing budget without the fear of losing money trying.

If your first month generated 3X your initial budget means that you can expect to make around 3X regardless of the size of your budget.


Measurability is not the only benefit using digital tools can bring.

Once your target audience is defined and the funnel is created and tested, you can let your campaign run with minimum supervision.

Constant optimization is important, as well as expanding on targeting and strategy as money keeps comming in will only improve the results of your campaign over time.

Creating a marketing funnel through digital means

Perhaps you think your business can’t take advantage of online sales capabilites.

The first thing that comes to mind is B2B Businesses that need to quote other businesses and require a more personalized approach to the whole sales process.

Ofcourse B2C products like clothing, niche products, etc. Can easily use Ecommerce to sell online, but what happens to more complex sales models like B2B insurance, construction and legal services.

This companies and many others can’t just have an online store where people can add 3 insurance policies to their cart and pay them as if they were buying a new pair of shoes.

Instead companies have come with more intricate and complex client acquisition strategies.

This are a few of the ways companies can use digital tools to leverage more clients for their business

Ecommerce Stores

Everyone knows ecommerce stores, from big retailers like amazon and wallmart to small niche stores, this online businesses can produce tremendous amounts of money.

Ecommerce marketing is one of the easiest ways ot generating money online. If your business sells any type of completed good, whether it being a digital or a physical product, you can sell through ecommerce.


This is a more intricate way of lead generation.

Webinars are “live” events that offer a lot of value for free. If you attend a webinar you know the speaker will try to sell you something but you might still attend the webinar if the value proposition is good enough.

Webinars are ment to educate a certain audience, this is why if you’re hosting a webinar, rather than selling your services, you have to provide something that your target audience might want.

If your value proposition looks like this:

“Live Webinar to show people the benefits of buying my Online Money Making course, showing what they’ll learn and some social proof and offer a discount for attending the webinar”

You’ve got it wrong. Webinars should be an informative piece of content on which you can provide slightly biased but very valuable and actionable information. Something like this:

“Live Webinar to show one crazy thing that I did to generate money, showing how it has impacted my life and my students lives along with real, useful downloable information and pitching my course at the end”

You are still driving the same traffic, the same audience. But which value proposition looks more enticing?

Free Value Approach

A very simple strategy that has shown to double our conversion rates is to offer something free instead of straight up pitching the offer.

I’ll put this as a real example:

An insurance broker hired us to do lead generation and we started with a great landing page offering a Free Quote (which is expected from every insurance carrier and broker, so nothing new).

We got a wooping 6% conversion rate with that landing page fir the first month.

For second month, however, we got a 15% conversion rate with exactly the same traffic source

How? Simple!

Instead of driving people to a “Get a Free Insurance Quote” we sent them to a “Free trucking insurance Guide”

Visitors were providing the same contact details, Name, phone and email but this time they were not only getting a free quote, they were getting a free piece of content that educates them.

Simple landing page funnel

For small businesses with smaller budgets, a good starting point is creating a great landing page funnel.

As seen on the example before, it won’t generate a tremendous amount of leads, however, by creatively A/B Testing and optimizing your landing page you can get up to 10% conversion rate.

Things that really improve your conversion rate is

  • A Header Video
  • A great and persuasive copy
  • Qulity and relevant images
  • Design according to audience
  • Loading speed

This combined with Google Analytics tracking potential you just need a reliable source of traffic.

Email List Generation + Email Marketing

Lastly, email marketing, although seems outdated, it still shows great results.

They trick to it, however, is to build a list of leads.

Email List Generation is based on Organic Content Marketing which is generating quality content on your website that increases your rankin on Google to drive more visitors to your site.

If this visitors like the content you put out, they can provide their email to subscibe to a newsletter, you can then use this emails to trigger automatic campaigns to drive people to your actual sales funnel and convert them into qualified leads rather than just email subscribers.

Lead Generation Services for Small Business

Small businesses ofter suffer from expensive marketing fees and uneffective approach to marketing.

Having a small budget and limited time to develop an effective campaign can led to investing time with efforts that yield close to no results.

Unless you’re a marketing expert and know what you’re doing, hiring a team or an agency can be your best choice to an effective marketing campaign.

Both come with pros and cons, for example, hiring a team is often expensive and without the right guidance, you team can fail as well and putting an experienced marketing director can be very expensive for a small business.

Hiring an agency, however, seems like a better financial option. Having an in-house marketing team is a great idea but very expensive, which will cut down on you marketing budget. Instead you can hire a marketing agency that already has a proven team, strategy and record. This will allow your marketing budget to be spent on other things like traffic campaigns.

Take advantage of our free consultation to get better results for your business.

How much does Lead Generation Services cost?

The price of marketing is very ambiguous since it depends on the marketing agency operation and effectiveness.

There are two types of expenses a marketing agency can have

  • Operational Cost
  • Outreach Expenses

Marketing Operational Cost

Running a marketing agency or an in-house marketing team can be very expensive since you need mostly an experienced, efficient and specialized team to deliver great results.

A designer, copywritier, developer, SEO and editor’s salary can be very expensive. The advantage of working with a marketing agency instead of an in-house team is that a marketing agency can put the same people to work for different projects instead of one, which dilutes the expenses between multiple clients.

Outreach Expenses

This are the type of expenses that you make when you need to pay certain platforms or marketing channels.

For example if you need to pay for PPC campaigns to drive traffic to the website or if you need to buy a specific platform.

Most marketing agencies already have a solution for each marketing problem, which is great for small business owners instead of spending time and resources finding the best platform to buy.

How to get the best price for Lead Generation Services?

Perhaps you want to save on outreach expenses and rather not pay google a single dime to get traffic, instead you’d rather use free traffic sources like SEO and social media.

Unfortunately, free traffic doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend money, it just means that you’ll put the money somewhere else to generate that traffic.

You might not pay for clicks, instead you do SEO Content and Social Media posting, you still have to pay for the hourly rate or service fee your team or agency charges for that time.

And it has the downside that organic traffic in general is very slow to get.

Once you have organic traffic and it keeps growing you’ll be making a lot of money, you can even stop paying for the service and your google ranking will remain the same for a while.

But you’ll spend more money on a slower ROI, that might not be good if you have limited resources.

Instead get in touch with an expert that can help you define the best, the most reliable, the most affordable or the most effective strategy for your marketing goals.

How does Lead Generation Services work?

Lead Generation has lots of moving parts and if not well defined, your strategy can’t be as effective.

This is our lead generation process:

  1. Define the business goals and analyze past efforts
  2. Understand the business needs and budget, time or staff limitations
  3. Define a Buyer’s Persona
  4. Define best traffic source
  5. Define a Sales Funnel for prospects to go through
  6. Lead Generation Campaign Set up
  7. Campaign Launch
  8. Constant Campaign Optimization and Expansion

Define the business goals and analyze past efforts

As a starting point we need to understand exactly what it is that you’re trying to sell in order to tailor our strategy according to your goals.

Understanding as well your past or ongoing marketing and lead generation efforts will allow us to know if we can improve on the current process or start from scratch new strategies.

Understand the business needs and budget, time or staff limitations

Every business is unique and thus require a unique approach.

As a full-service business agency we focus on working around your limitations and still excel in our service.

Define a Buyer’s Persona

Understanding who we’re targeting is crucial.

Knowing and attracting the right audience and providing relevant content and offers to propperly sell.

The first thing that we think before even thinking on designing a landing page or writing an ad is to define who we want to target and what message we’re communicating.

Define best traffic source

After understanding our audience and defining what we’re offering, we think of where this audience is and how we can reach out to them in a consistent manner.

For example, if you’re targeting B2B Clients you might want to do LinkedIn and Google Ads to drive traffic to your saels funnel.

And if you’re selling cat tshirts we might want to do a sponsored post with a kitty influencer over at instagram.

Define a Sales Funnel for prospects to go through

The funnel is the journy that audience will go through to become your customer.

Each business has a different sales process and adapting a sales funnel to your business process is crucial to maximize success and reduce operational cost with new processes.

Lead Generation Campaign Set up

As we stated before, lead generation services have a lot of moving parts and setting up this parts to work like a clockwork is very important.

Making sure that your ad and landing page copy are relevant to each other and communicate a strong message.

Seting up all tracking codes, cookies and analytics you can to your website.

Setting up the right conversions and tracking on all your traffic efforts.

Making sure that leads are sent to a platform on which your sales team can work on.

Campaign Launch

Finally, launching a campaign for the first time.

Paying extra attention to the first few weeks to further optimize and quickly identfy small or major optimization opportunities from the begining.

Constant Campaign Optimization and Expansion

After the campaign is launched, our team keeps an eye on every little piece of data your campaign generates.

This provides valuable insight into how the campaign is performing and how it can be optimized week after week.

Why Links Management Lead Generation Services?

Links Management is a Marketing Agency in Tijuana, Mexico.

We’ve been working on marketing for over 10 years, serving clients from South of California and Mexico.

Thanks to cheaper labor in Mexico, we can ensure that American clients pay as little as possible, undercutting our American competitors for less than half the average price.

Since all digital marketing services are done through and hosted on the internet, businesses don’t struggle to find our services extremely useful, regardless of being in another country.

Get a free consultation from Links Management and find out how an offshore marketing team can help your business reach its goals.

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